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I am writing this now because I am trying to keep my blog actually updated now. But this was an old experience.

Last November I placed an order for a toll free number because they state they are the fastest. This part is true, they got my number pretty fast.

The problem was that they lied when they said they will transfer it out anywhere.I currently use Ring Central and thing it is the best toll free management site. This is where I get my minutes from. later told me that they could not/will not transfer my number to ring central. The guy tried to instead bribe me to go to some other crappy company for $50. When I called him up, I could hear babies crying in the background, this guy clearing works out of his own living room, told me that ring central sucks and there was some ‘legal issue’ as to why they could not send the number there.

So I talked to Ring Central and they had no idea what legal issue he was talking about. The very informative and helpful customer service there told me that according to the FCC a person or company CANNOT hold a number and decline to transfer it (its the same with cell phones, if you go to a new provider you can get your old number). I thanked them for that information and told the guy at tollfreenumbers this and he didnt seem to care.

So I filed a complaint with the FCC and it was slow but Ring Central was dealing with it. A guy called me from ring central actually and gave me a 50% discount from the year of service because I wasn’t really able to use it. Again, great customer service!

I finally got my toll free number I believe in March 2010. Absurd. Do not use tollfreenumbers if you are planning on transferring it out (which you will be, as they don’t do service only getting you the number). I recommend Ring Central though all the way and still use them.

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