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Alright, here it is. I think I have finally decided to start my blog. I wanted to do this awhile ago actually, but never got around to it. The Internet lifestyle can be busy (despite what you may think or have heard).

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Ok so I figured I had some time, I am going to write a good intro about all of this. A lot of people always ask me what the heck I do, or ask me where I work and then I have to say “I work for myself” and then they are always baffled. That was my first reason to start my blog. To let people know exactly what I am doing (okay, not exactly).

I am now into a field named “Internet Marketing,” or IM for short (for now on). Not to be confused with instant messenger. People have wondered how I ever got into this in the first place.

I have always wanted to make massive money, and easily, just didn’t know how or where. Id say in 2007 or so is when i got red up with making complete crap money, bringing home $50 checks or so from crappy retail corporate stores that no one cares about you. I wanted to make some SERIOUS money. Mind you up until this point I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. When I was little I wanted to be an architect, but soon realized I HATE CAD (that drawing software). So that was out of the question. I later learned I know I want to do something with computers, but wasn’t sure what.

I went into programming, but I quickly learned I did not entirely like it. I liked building computers more. I wound up being on the internet pretty much every day when I was bored. Wished there was a way to make money being on the internet, but not by coding programs. I came across a forum about ways to hack google (legally) and get information you wanted (that would normally cost). I loved researching new stuff on the internet all the time. I remember somewhere on that site I learned of some terms called ‘blackhat’ and ‘whitehat.’ The rest is a blur. From then on I learned the ins and outs of the Internet Marketing that is today.

I never stopped researching new things and new ideas, and realized you CAN make money of the internet, never even moving off your chair (of course, that is what night time/ nightlife is for 😉 )

The rest I will save for other posts. This blog will be about my journey, mostly, hints and tips I have learned, and of course, promoting some of my products/sites. People that follow me will get ideas that will help them a lot. If you want to make some money online as well, it wouldn’t hurt to read my posts. I have made so many connections all over the world in the past 2 years, I could probably live in about 6-10 different countries and know someone. (or just live with them).

I will be telling you what I have learned in my experience with IM, and what to avoid. Along with my current progress of things. Dont worry, this will probably be the longest post on the entire blog.

So stay tuned!

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