It’s 2011 – The Year To Succeed

It’s a new year, and that means in the web world, new concepts and new conditions of living through it. I’m not just talking about making an income from the web, even daily activities such as ‘twittering’ and such.

What will happen in 2011? Can you even imagine it? Twitter really exploded in 2010, and there are tons of service sites related to Twitter now (twitter friends, link shortening sites explode, twitter pics/videos, etc).

Web2.0 has changed everything on the web and on top of that it is ever changing. Businesses have realized this in 2010 but I believe 2011 is the year they will all really stick to it and try their hardest to make sites like Facebook and social bookmarking sites work for them. In 2011, set some goals if you really want to make it on the internet. I know I will be focusing on these goals myself:

Blog Every Day

Make it a habit to post an article everyday. The more you do it, the easier it will get. The moment you start slacking, you won’t feel like doing it anymore. Make it a daily habit. It does not matter if the post is related to your niche or just how your dog made a funny face today. The great thing about WordPress is, you can pre and post date anything. So if you are really in the writing mood on a monday, or have no work to do, you can write 5 posts and have them slowly release to your blog every weekday.

Social Bookmark

Blogging alone will not get you ahead of the curve. You need to promote that content as well. the best sites to do just that are social bookmarking (SB) sites. popular sites like Digg, reddit, delicious etc. is my favorite site as it will tell you at any time what the best sites to use are.

Learn New Techniques!

This is the most important part. My main concern here is that you MUST keep learning. 2011 is a new year and that means there are new methods and techniques out there to gain new traffic and clients. Do not just use the same old methods to gain traffic such as write one article, and submit it to 100 article directories. That will get you no where in 2011. Think outside the box. Learn to ping all of your content (not only articles, but even the social bookmarks), submit your feeds, and other techniques (that I won’t reveal here for free.)

Create and Maintain New Business Profiles

There are new social networks for businesses popping up everywhere. Facebook and LinkedIn are not the only business networks anymore. Even if the sites arent big, I bet they will expand your web presence. The latest one that I have joined is and the network is growing every day. Its smaller, so it seems people are more connected there. Get in now while you can and make easy connections. My profile can be seen here. Don’t forget to keep it up to date, and maintain it! If you don’t you could be missing out on key connections and networking.

Make it a goal to set forth to do these things every day. 2011 is the year of busy social networking, but in the end, it will be worth it. It might be the year that us Internet Marketers (IM) have to actually start working and keeping up to date!  I may not love twitter, but I know I need to use it more often and interact with others as well. Just posting 100 times means nothing if you look like a robot. Interact with other users on sites, meaning comment on their statuses, articles, repost their articles or statuses etc.

I know I will be applying these techniques this year. The question is: will you?