2 Facebook Accounts Debate

This has been circling around and I thought I’d address the issue as well. Should someone involved in business, especially someone that uses their personal name as or in their business, have 2 facebook accounts? One for their friends, and one for their business updates?

This is not pertaining to facebook fan pages. But actual facebook pages. At first, it seems silly and makes sense to have one; its been your page and you probably have a higher friend count than if you have or just started a business account.

But your actual personal friends might start to hate you, and may even start deleting you if they keep getting bombarded with your business twitter updates, facebook updates that dont pertain to them (business services that dont interest them). After all, they are just your ‘friends’ or even worse just aquaintences.

My stance is just have  a personal facebook page for friends, and a fan page for business.

Feel free to tell me your opinion.