It’s 3am and I’d rather Tweet Than Sleep

Okay, the title is a little misleading. I would not rather be Tweeting, but ‘Tweets’ are more hip, and more web 2.0 than what I am actually doing (blogging).

Basically I am busy all the time, but I love it. I don’t feel like a waste. My two businesses are going fairly well. I am learning new stuff every day. It also made me realize I dont really  need to spend a huge amount of money to buy out a company that I can duplicate and recreate within a few months. I guess it is how quickly you want to make income.

Today was a very busy day. I am still going through applications and looking for new workers. I do have an assistant, but this I want to take care of. I know, I could hire someone new, but I am fine doing this. I worked basically all day, and still have stuff I need to take care of for tomorrow left over. Word of note: Whiteboards are great.

In the last post I mentioned getting business cards done. I am still doing that haha. There was a huge misunderstanding. Right now I am basically put off by the thought of them. But there are no refunds, so I will have to go back to them eventually. I didnt realize I was paying $400+ just for a LOGO design, which is absolutely absurd. I can get the same logo for $30. Then the business card design was $200. So I am up to 600, and that DOESNT even include printing. That will be another $200 or so. As you can see,, completely pointless. I am usually not one to just throw money away. I dont understand how I managed to say ‘sure’ to that. But what is done is done. I wont mention their name, as they arnt really a bad company, just way too over priced.

I think that is long enough for today. I’ll finish up a post sometime this week instead of dragging this one one.

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