Do NOT Trust Money Infomercials / Commercials

A big thing I wanted to talk about was those late night infomercials or those commercials you see on television. They promise you quick riches, ridiculous amounts of money, and are filled with images of hot girls and fancy cars. Don’t forget the mansions.

Here’s the real scoop.I am tired of seeing those ads. Companies make commercials about how you can make $50,000 a year with Google. Or “go to this website” and now Ms. Baker, a single mother of four, makes an extra $48k  a year, at home with her kids!

The stuff the are selling, is GARBAGE. The thing is, about 80% of the people that see those commercials know this already. The problem arises when they attribute this to any kind of income from the internet. The infomercials purposely do not give the viewer enough information to make any real or substantial income online, that way the viewer has to come back to them over and over to get any real information! This is EXACTLY how the ‘gurus’ (you will be hearing that word a lot in home business) make their money.

People get fed up and think any kind of making money on the internet is a complete scam, but here is a quick example: is Youtube a scam, or Yahoo? These are online and yet they are making billions. Wait I forgot.. MYSPACE. The original owner of myspace is the richest guy from the internet. Selling it was the dumbest thing he could do, as what he got for it he could make in about half a year or less with myspace the way it is now. Same goes for the owner of Facebook.

Anyway. Just wanted to put that out there. Do not trust the money making commercials you see on tv. The real info is to be had on the internet, for *gasp* FREE. I learned most of what I know now for free. The infomercials cost a good amount of money (nothing to them, a few thousand) so they want to make a good ROI (return on income for you non-economic or marketing people). So any info they have they are going to sell to you, not give for free.

*Tip: When you notice a commercial for making money online, and the website domain is “” or “” it is what we call an affiliate program.

So most of the time it isnt even THEIR product/service they are selling, just reselling. nothing wrong with affiliates, I just think they advertise to the wrong people by being on television. You might remember some money commercial with a cartoon fox in it. Dont remember the name. Every time I saw that commercial it was a different URL. Look out for the exact same commercials with different urls.

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