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This week’s Fan Of The Week (FOTW) is Karen Mccarthy, of CalypsoIT. Thank you for contributing to my sites and facebook page, and here is the favor returned!

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Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

I went to a discount book store yesterday in my area. It formally was a Forman Mills (For-mon Mills!) That jingle always gets stuck in my head. Anyway, it turned into a bulk book store. I will have to say I was less than thrilled going in there, epecting a huge store. There was not a big selection. it could have been that they ‘lost their lease’ (how does that happen?) and so they were not getting any new books. Everything was at least 80% off.

Their business selection was small, but they did have one good book that I have. Then I came across the “Complete Idiot’s Guide” section. I usually hate these form of books, but two caught my eye, but I picked up one: “Social Media Marketing.” SInce that is my next venture I figured it could be a good read. Although even my friends joked “You probably could write that,” I bought it anyway mostly for the fact this $19.95 book as $3.15. I could not complain. So I will be reading this lately. I will make an updated post(s) on whether it is a good read. I picked it up though, so right there I at least recommend it for even new comers. I don’t buy too many books, so if I do it usually means to me it has some value.

AdBeat – The Not-So-Public-Yet Best Tool of 2011

I ran across a Beta for a new spy tool coming this year, called AdBeat. I have to say it definitely has the potential. It could very well be either a favorite tool of mine or one of the top tools of 2011. I am just glad I found it now. Soon, every opt-in list and google ad will be marketing this thing like crazy and it will be the talk of the town.

And if you get in now, you can get in while the Beta is still going, which I heard might not be much longer. Maybe a month at max, or in as little as a week. So you can run it for free for now.

Basically, it helps you spy on other marketers and affiliate marketers to see what their top performing ads and campaigns are, which you can then target. I will be the first to say I am no adwords expert. There are adwords experts out there, and this allows me to take the guess work out and have a better performing ad in a few minutes (compared to guessing and tracking results with split-testing for hours).

Their website can give you more information than I can. Go check it out, it is definitely worth it. And check it out before everyone else gets to it. You for sure won’t regret it.

Click for Adbeat.

Ditto: Best Copy/Paste Program

Okay, I bet everyone is thinking ‘what the heck is so great about copy/pasting?” Or what is it that hasn’t already been done?

Normal Windows Copy/Paste feature works with whatever you last copied, that is what you can paste. But what about that time when you copied something, then copied something else, and wanted to paste that first thing? You are out of luck!

Welcome: Ditto. I got it actually a year or two ago and I havent looked back. It is on all of my computers. Basically what makes it so great is it has a database, and you can store an infinate amount of copies (I set mine to 1,000 any more it might be very slow). and it does not only copy text, it works for images and Print Screen captures as well. I know files that are copied show up in it as well, but I have never tried to re-paste a copied file, but it should work.

It also has a preview, and an alt text so you can see what it is. Obviously, being able to search 1,000+ copies it has a search. You just start typing in the program and it will find it. I am writing this actually because I just used it, to find a link I copied probably last week. I actually use it all the time. It really is one of my favorite softwares for Windows.

Of course the best part of all is that it is FREE. So go check it out. Click for Ditto.

CyStats – Great Statistics Plug-in

I recently discovered CyStats for wordpress, as I needed it for another plug in I recently installed. I have got to say it makes it easy to see all your stats right here in the WordPress backend. No need to go to your CPanel to see stats etc. A lot is laid out right in your WordPress sidebar.

And for those curious as to how it compares to WordPress built in stats, I can say it is much better, and more detailed. Plus, it is free. I can see it is already doing its job.
Here is a screenshot from the CyStats Time page.

The pages that CyStats has are:

  • Index
  • Blog
  • Clients
  • Referer
  • Robots/Tools
  • Pages
  • Time
  • Options

Check it out here: CyStats