Trey Smith – Middleman, Noobie Friendly

Okay there is a lot of hype about this guy Trey Smith right now. And I really do not know why. He creates these few videos on the most basic knowledge and people are treating him like a God. His first video okay perhaps is helpful, teaching people you can TOO make iphone apps. I knew this awhile ago, almost did it, but actually getting your app into the app store is NOT easy.

His third video “The Black Box” hypes about this “almighty secret” that no body knows about. Its the “secret that got Bill Gates rich!” Do you want to know what the secret is before giving your precious email account away to some unknown guy? The secret is the word: Software.

That is it! He talks about how great software is, and then updating it is. And how by having updates, it gets people like Bill Gates rich. This is the secret of Windows. On top of that, all of thse people are singing his praises for this information. I did not realize the internet was full of complete newcomers, to not understand how software and updates work. When you purchase software, and there is an update, and you pay for it, that is how you get rich.

I give it to Trey for having enthusiastic videos and such, and I guess internet newcomers is his market, I just did not realize people do not know the basics of software and updates. I do not know where Trey Smith came from, he popped out of the blue and has these professional looking videos. I am going to stay away from him, his knowledge has no use to me, perhaps it does others though. Although I guarantee most people will not do his course, which is about making iphone apps.

What are your thoughts, do you like Trey Smith or do you agree your basic knowledge surpasses his information? Leave a comment below or on facebook. = Useless

I quickly found out that is another one of those companies that show up on the internet, maybe has an ok service, but gets too big and has ZERO customer service. I’m talking about not even being able to find any type of contact information, just a useless ‘feedback’ software that they never answer.

I signed up for a account to share my blog posts with my account. My account was signed up fresh and when I configure the API in wordpress, it automatically gives me the error that my API has been suspended. Apparently API codes being suspended is a common occurrence, most likely to blog spamming, but when you just signup for their service and your first use it tells you your API is suspended, then the service is useless. I tried two new accounts, same problem. No one has ever seem to come with a solution, and occurrences of this problem have been around for at least a year.

O well, I will have to find another service that does this!