Offline Marketing Case Study: Day 1

Okay so I haven’t been here awhile, but I am going to start something to see how it goes, and keep this updated on the progress. So stay tuned to find out the progress of this case study.

The scope of the project is to see how well offline marketing will work to show off my SEO skills for companies in need. There were lots of different topics to choose from, but finding an ad on craigslist decided to have me start in the niche: concrete. Sounds vague. Let’s back it up and talk about exactly what this will be about.

This case study will be to create a very fast website with a very targeted domain name, in the hopes it attracts targeted visitors which will then convert for a client. I say “a” client and not “the” client because there is no actual client for this yet. It sounds crazy, I know. Just keep thinking: CASE STUDY! I will outline the steps I do each time, not all in one post. I have a gameplan set, but this will keep me motivated. So

So. Day 1:

-Purchase domain name.

I said I was doing it in concrete, but in a specific area to really get a targeted audience. the keyword is concrete in Blackwood NJ. Doing some research the same amount of results came up for “concrete in blackwood nj” and “concrete blackwood nj” so I decided to go with the latter.

The problem is, Google adwords keyword tool didn’t seem to pull any data on how many people search for this term monthly. Hmm, let’s just hope its inaccurate. In any case, this is a case study, right?

So I purchased the domain name, From there I will set up the site. That is all for now.