Advertising Agency – Then and Now

Okay, its been awhile since I posted anything.  The area that got me where I am today, and made me able to quit my job was my Advertising Agency, Empyre Media.Don’t get me wrong, I made money before my own affiliate network, but this is what grew everything out. I made enough money that I wanted to expand, so I went to a good site, (now to look for websites/busineses to buy. Long story short, I came across an advertising agency / affiliate network named Empyre Media. I was the winning bidder, actually I used the ‘Buy it Now’ feature, and landed it for $7K.

The original owner was okay, he helped me somewhat. He never did help me the way I needed, which was to find new advertisers or publishers.

Basically, you can consider me a middle man. I get in contact with companies that are trying to advertise or spread the word on their products, and I get people trying to make extra money by advertising other people’s products! Sounds easy, but it REALLY is not.

The hard part is dealing with advertisers, and payments. One thing I have learned in Advertising that 80% of companies are also middle men. You could be the 5th person in line, and then also pass everything onto your publishers/affiliates. So payments are cut down a lot. Because of this down -the-line process, payments are rarely on time. For advertising done in June, you will see the check sometime in August, unless there are problems. Then I have to mail out checks, so they get them like 2 months later.

Empyre Media has gotten me where I am today, but it is verrrry frustrating, and I have realized is not exactly what I want to be doing my entire life. Sure it can be easy money once you get finally get a hold of new advertisers and publishers, but it is daunting. Plus the software to run your business runs $500 a month plus. REGARDLESS if you are making any money or not. I am moving onto bigger and hopefully better things, I know this will become something of the past. I’d prefer to just hire someone to run it and still keep it myself, but I dont see that happening. I will probably wind up selling it in the future. As long as I get somewhat more than I paid for it, I will be happy.

On to bigger things!

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