Why I Don’t Trust DA / PA and Why You Shouldn’t Either – Why I Stick by Page Rank

We know that all the craze these days with SEO is building out a Private Blog Network (PBN). In order to do this, you have to find aged domains, with good Page Rank, but now more important is Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Good DA/PA is generally around 30+. Everyone seems to trust this page ranking factor, and factor in buying good domains. But the problem is that people do not realize they are being conned.


People do not realize how easily someone can “fake” or fabricate DA/PA, and  rather quickly actually. In order to prove this I did it myself. I bought a brand spanking new domain, so it had no backlinks, no page rank, and no DA/PA. the domain is http://myhcg.info. I built a basic site, and then all I did was use GSA Search Engine Ranker and spammed the hell out of it for about 3 months. Non stop link building, it now sits at about 72,000 backlinks (it was well over 100,000). If you went over to Open Site Explorer you will see that my domain has a whopping 58 DA and 60 PA! I should go sell this domain huh?? Someone would see this and think, wow, very high DA/PA his domain must be great.

The problem is that once most of those backlinks die off over the coming months, which more than likely will since it was all spam,  the Domain Authority and Page Authority will fizzle out with it, and the new owner is stuck with a dud domain. I wrote this blog post because someone tried to sell me domains with okay DA/PA, so I headed over to ahrefs and I realized the site had no backlinks until the last month there was 15,000 added. All junk links too.

So I am unsure why PA/DA is still a deciding factor, when you can realize how easily it is manipulated. You know what is not easily manipulated? Page Rank. My site does not have a page rank, that takes a long time. People think it is not really a factor but I am unsure why. Now, you can fake Page Rank but it is very easily seen by doing a google search with the perimeters “info:[domain]” So for example info:myhcg.info and if a different domain shows, then the page rank is faked by a 301 redirect from a site that is passing the real PR.  But other than that, it is not so easy to fake PR, at least not as easy as I have explained with DA/PA.

I would love to hear your opinions or if you wish to correct me on anything in the comments.