The Benefits of Hosting Your Own Blog

There are plenty of people that use to host their blog. For many, this is sufficient. But this is not the ideal or recommended way for internet marketers or other companies trying to really put their name out there. There are to many limitations.

For starters, having a URL is not the best; you won’t get as good a ranking as having your own URL. Subdomains alone usually have a somewhat lower PR or general ranking than unique domain names.

On top of that, you can not add any plug ins at WordPress as you could if you hosted your own blog. I have added a bunch of plug ins that help dramatically with traffic and SEO features. There really is nothing you can do with SEO in the backend with a WordPress hosted site. With your own hosting, you can add plug ins such as SEO Ultimate to edit Meta tags and other tags. That along helps with optimizing your site for “the big G” and others.

You can also add lots of traffic plug ins like posting automatically to twitter, posting to social bookmarking sites, and more. And then you can track them with traffic stat plug ins. I currently use CyStats which I mentioned in a previous posting.

Most importantly, you can monetize your blog! How could you forget! You can add plug ins to place graphic ads which users can pay for (banner ads etc). You can also place adwords on your blog in any position you want to increase clicks and income.

As you can see, hosting on your own adds lots of benefits than hosting on and similar. if you need hosting, WebHostingBuzz has always worked for me. I just recently upgraded to a VPS with them. You can check the sidebar for more info on them.

In the next post, I will show you how to transfer posts and comments from a .wordpress hosted site to your own hosting. You will see it is fairly simple.