New Use For XRumer?

For you blackhatters using software such as XRumer, your success rate of posting is of high importance to get your use out of the software.

BUT I discovered a new idea to use XRumer for. A lot of blogs these days (including mine) are protected by some form of spam blocker. These XRumer comments get spammed and canned instantly.I am not saying xrumer is useless in trying to get backlinks these days (definitely not, ask plenty of blackhatters), but you can try using it for other purposes, such as actually promoting your site/offer (to the site owner).

I came across a spam comment that said

Hi I remember i had seen this site before… This guy made a exact copy of your site. Or possible this is also your site? http://www.[link].org

I didnt know if it was spam but I definitely checked the site out. I saw it was a sales letter and closed it, but recognized it was a good technique and some blogger not as blackhat savvy as me or interested in purchasing more and more internet marketing material might fall for it. Who knows, that guy could have made good money off of that trick. Especially if the blog does not have a spam blocker or even better approved of the comment, and readers clicked it curious as to if the site was indeed a copy.