Google Bullies Small Business, “Pay Up”

There has been a plethora of Google algorithm updates in the past 2 months, most notably “Penguin 2.0,” but it does not stop there. Google continues to release Panda updates, as posted on Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts stated they release Panda update every month but it takes 10 days to roll out. So 1/3rd of every month is a scary Google update. This is not so much new. Keep your site very clean, and by Google’s Panda and Penguin guidelines, and you are “most likely” safe from algorithm changes.

But what is shown to be, is that sites can have the worst sites, not following any Panda or Penguin guidelines, and as long as they are Paying Google with PPC, they are listed at the top of the search engines. No need to worry, just pay Google, and you won’t ever have to do SEO and rank at the top of the page every time. Google basically pimps them for money, and all rules only apply to people or companies trying to rank organically, naturally, in other words, not paying Google.

This is exactly what Google wants, I mean, think about it. They do not make any money as a business by having you rank organically, they only profit through advertising; with PPC. So how do they fix that? Make it an on-going process and hard for a normal small business to rank, forcing them to use Adwords. A normal person in any field other than marketing, and even more specifically, internet marketing, has no clue on how to get their site to rank without having to pay Google. And even those that do Internet Marketing, they go through constant battles to keep their sites ranking and generate profit. And what happens when the small business loses, when a new update comes out and knocks their site down? Their revenue and profits plummet and some go out of business because of Google alone. The small businesses cannot keep up with the big corporation budgets on PPC. This also relates to people making a living (or supplemental income) off of Adsense. One day you may make $150/day, the next you make $10, and are screwed.

Remember: Google is not in your best interest. They are a business which means they need to make money to survive. Remember this, and you may not get hit by so many surprises!

Targeting Higher-Paying Client Keywords

Here is a quick tip for targeting higher paying client keywords for your business. Most likely, you wan to target clients that are willing to pay top dollar for whatever service you sell. A lot of companies are targeting the wrong keywords and wonder why they cannot increase their prices.

Let’s take as an example the keyword “blogging services.” That keyword is not going to get you a high paying client, in fact it may not get you a converting client at all. At least maybe not right away. By bidding on “blogging services” you are targeting visitors that are casual browsing, and will shop around. That extra s at the end of services implies they are comparing and looking at different prices. It probably means there is no real dire need for whatever it is they are looking for.

Changing that keyword to “blogging service” is a start. The more broad a search term someone uses, the less they usually care or are trying to compare shop. Think if they wrote “blogging service Philadephia” they are looking for one.

Now to beat that, if you want high paying clients, you want to add a modifier to that search term and make it “top blogging service” or “best blogging service.” By targeting this keyword, you are getting clients that their main focus is NOT their budget. They understand quality costs money, and what they want is quality.

Now if you target the keyword “top blogging service philadelphia” or “best blogging service philadelphia’ you are for sure going to have better changes of a good convert and a top-dollar paying client than just ‘blogging services.”

Keep that in mind, and happy ad management!