Google Bullies Small Business, “Pay Up”

There has been a plethora of Google algorithm updates in the past 2 months, most notably “Penguin 2.0,” but it does not stop there. Google continues to release Panda updates, as posted on Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts stated they release Panda update every month but it takes 10 days to roll out. So 1/3rd of every month is a scary Google update. This is not so much new. Keep your site very clean, and by Google’s Panda and Penguin guidelines, and you are “most likely” safe from algorithm changes.

But what is shown to be, is that sites can have the worst sites, not following any Panda or Penguin guidelines, and as long as they are Paying Google with PPC, they are listed at the top of the search engines. No need to worry, just pay Google, and you won’t ever have to do SEO and rank at the top of the page every time. Google basically pimps them for money, and all rules only apply to people or companies trying to rank organically, naturally, in other words, not paying Google.

This is exactly what Google wants, I mean, think about it. They do not make any money as a business by having you rank organically, they only profit through advertising; with PPC. So how do they fix that? Make it an on-going process and hard for a normal small business to rank, forcing them to use Adwords. A normal person in any field other than marketing, and even more specifically, internet marketing, has no clue on how to get their site to rank without having to pay Google. And even those that do Internet Marketing, they go through constant battles to keep their sites ranking and generate profit. And what happens when the small business loses, when a new update comes out and knocks their site down? Their revenue and profits plummet and some go out of business because of Google alone. The small businesses cannot keep up with the big corporation budgets on PPC. This also relates to people making a living (or supplemental income) off of Adsense. One day you may make $150/day, the next you make $10, and are screwed.

Remember: Google is not in your best interest. They are a business which means they need to make money to survive. Remember this, and you may not get hit by so many surprises!

Secrets of Twitter Follower Sites Revealed!

If you are into internet marketing, then you are nowprobably into Twitter as well. If you are into Twitter, you have probably run into numerous Twitter follower sites on the web. They promise to get you 3,000 followers or more, for about $70. These sites are popping up all the time now. Maybe they are run by the same company, maybe other people just want in on the action. Either way, I am here to show you the easy secret that is behind all of the sites.

Perhaps you know it, perhaps you don’t. But if you use those services, changes are you do not know. Now this is merely just a method on how to do what they do, for basically free. The software may not be the same, but the general idea behind the method is the same for a lot of the twitter follower sites.

Step 1:

Get the software Twiping. Twiping used to be free, and not many people knew about the software. Now it costs $9, which is cheap and much cheaper than $70 each time you want followers. Basically the software is twitter account management software. It allows you to follow, unfollow, find targetted people to follow, etc.

Step 2:

If you want targetted followers, which can be even better than what the twitter follower sites do, start by clicking on someone you follow in your niche. then select to see their friends or followers. You can filter results, and by doing so can follower and target only people that have the keywords you decide (such as internet marketing). You then follow everyone listed.

You can also just select anyone, and follow anyone if you just want to increase your follower count quick.

Step 3:

Twitter has restrictions and only lets you add about 1,000 new users a day. After 2,000, you have to keep a 10% ratio between friends and followers I believe.

So after you have added 1,000, wait a few days until everyone has followed you back. Most poeple follow whoever follows them. Whoever does not follow you back, use twiping to select “friends not following me” and delete them all.

Step 4:

You now have a pretty equal friend to follower ratio (depending on how your ratio was when you started this). You then repeat the process.

That is basically it. That is what most of these sites charge you for. Add friends, delete friends that do not follow you, add more friends.  By doing this, I have increased some client’s userbase by 1,00s within a week or 2. And they love it because they are all targeted followers.

Let me know your results or thoughts in the comments.

Targeting Higher-Paying Client Keywords

Here is a quick tip for targeting higher paying client keywords for your business. Most likely, you wan to target clients that are willing to pay top dollar for whatever service you sell. A lot of companies are targeting the wrong keywords and wonder why they cannot increase their prices.

Let’s take as an example the keyword “blogging services.” That keyword is not going to get you a high paying client, in fact it may not get you a converting client at all. At least maybe not right away. By bidding on “blogging services” you are targeting visitors that are casual browsing, and will shop around. That extra s at the end of services implies they are comparing and looking at different prices. It probably means there is no real dire need for whatever it is they are looking for.

Changing that keyword to “blogging service” is a start. The more broad a search term someone uses, the less they usually care or are trying to compare shop. Think if they wrote “blogging service Philadephia” they are looking for one.

Now to beat that, if you want high paying clients, you want to add a modifier to that search term and make it “top blogging service” or “best blogging service.” By targeting this keyword, you are getting clients that their main focus is NOT their budget. They understand quality costs money, and what they want is quality.

Now if you target the keyword “top blogging service philadelphia” or “best blogging service philadelphia’ you are for sure going to have better changes of a good convert and a top-dollar paying client than just ‘blogging services.”

Keep that in mind, and happy ad management!

AdBeat – The Not-So-Public-Yet Best Tool of 2011

I ran across a Beta for a new spy tool coming this year, called AdBeat. I have to say it definitely has the potential. It could very well be either a favorite tool of mine or one of the top tools of 2011. I am just glad I found it now. Soon, every opt-in list and google ad will be marketing this thing like crazy and it will be the talk of the town.

And if you get in now, you can get in while the Beta is still going, which I heard might not be much longer. Maybe a month at max, or in as little as a week. So you can run it for free for now.

Basically, it helps you spy on other marketers and affiliate marketers to see what their top performing ads and campaigns are, which you can then target. I will be the first to say I am no adwords expert. There are adwords experts out there, and this allows me to take the guess work out and have a better performing ad in a few minutes (compared to guessing and tracking results with split-testing for hours).

Their website can give you more information than I can. Go check it out, it is definitely worth it. And check it out before everyone else gets to it. You for sure won’t regret it.

Click for Adbeat.

Ditto: Best Copy/Paste Program

Okay, I bet everyone is thinking ‘what the heck is so great about copy/pasting?” Or what is it that hasn’t already been done?

Normal Windows Copy/Paste feature works with whatever you last copied, that is what you can paste. But what about that time when you copied something, then copied something else, and wanted to paste that first thing? You are out of luck!

Welcome: Ditto. I got it actually a year or two ago and I havent looked back. It is on all of my computers. Basically what makes it so great is it has a database, and you can store an infinate amount of copies (I set mine to 1,000 any more it might be very slow). and it does not only copy text, it works for images and Print Screen captures as well. I know files that are copied show up in it as well, but I have never tried to re-paste a copied file, but it should work.

It also has a preview, and an alt text so you can see what it is. Obviously, being able to search 1,000+ copies it has a search. You just start typing in the program and it will find it. I am writing this actually because I just used it, to find a link I copied probably last week. I actually use it all the time. It really is one of my favorite softwares for Windows.

Of course the best part of all is that it is FREE. So go check it out. Click for Ditto.

Transferring Blog from .WordPress to Your Hosting

I mentioned in the last post the benefits of hosting your own blog. In this post I will cover how easy it is to transfer it from to your own hosting.

I won’t go into too much details on the setting up of the blog, but that involves: buying a domain, getting hosting, installing wordpress on said hosting.

Now, first, in the old blog, go to Tools ? Export and download the XML (WXR) file to your computer.

After that, in your new blog, go to Tools ? Import ? WordPress and upload the file you downloaded previously. Check the box for Download & import file attachments to move media files to your new blog.

As you can see, it is as easy as it comes!

The Benefits of Hosting Your Own Blog

There are plenty of people that use to host their blog. For many, this is sufficient. But this is not the ideal or recommended way for internet marketers or other companies trying to really put their name out there. There are to many limitations.

For starters, having a URL is not the best; you won’t get as good a ranking as having your own URL. Subdomains alone usually have a somewhat lower PR or general ranking than unique domain names.

On top of that, you can not add any plug ins at WordPress as you could if you hosted your own blog. I have added a bunch of plug ins that help dramatically with traffic and SEO features. There really is nothing you can do with SEO in the backend with a WordPress hosted site. With your own hosting, you can add plug ins such as SEO Ultimate to edit Meta tags and other tags. That along helps with optimizing your site for “the big G” and others.

You can also add lots of traffic plug ins like posting automatically to twitter, posting to social bookmarking sites, and more. And then you can track them with traffic stat plug ins. I currently use CyStats which I mentioned in a previous posting.

Most importantly, you can monetize your blog! How could you forget! You can add plug ins to place graphic ads which users can pay for (banner ads etc). You can also place adwords on your blog in any position you want to increase clicks and income.

As you can see, hosting on your own adds lots of benefits than hosting on and similar. if you need hosting, WebHostingBuzz has always worked for me. I just recently upgraded to a VPS with them. You can check the sidebar for more info on them.

In the next post, I will show you how to transfer posts and comments from a .wordpress hosted site to your own hosting. You will see it is fairly simple.

CyStats – Great Statistics Plug-in

I recently discovered CyStats for wordpress, as I needed it for another plug in I recently installed. I have got to say it makes it easy to see all your stats right here in the WordPress backend. No need to go to your CPanel to see stats etc. A lot is laid out right in your WordPress sidebar.

And for those curious as to how it compares to WordPress built in stats, I can say it is much better, and more detailed. Plus, it is free. I can see it is already doing its job.
Here is a screenshot from the CyStats Time page.

The pages that CyStats has are:

  • Index
  • Blog
  • Clients
  • Referer
  • Robots/Tools
  • Pages
  • Time
  • Options

Check it out here: CyStats

WP Robot – Great Autoposter Tool – Discount

I just purchased Wp Robot and just have to get it set up. If you don’t know what WP Robot is for, its an autoblog software. Great for blackhat blogging. But there are plenty of options to prevent it from being spammy. It can be used to create a nice side income off of adsense. Even more so, there are plug ins to monetize it even moreso, such as amazon, ebay, clickbank, etc all easy to implement. I am excited to get started.

I managed to find a huge discount code, when you order be sure to put the code in the order form:


I managed to get it for $129 when the software actually costs around $220-$280. Not Bad.

Follow the link to purchase WP Robot