Busy Man

It has been awhile again. But this time I am extremely busy! Basically the last time I was here I mentioned moving on to bigger and better things. To sum up, I sold my advertising agency and did indeed, move onto bigger things.That is right, I did it. I sold my affiliate network to a great guy. I sold it for way more than I originally wanted to and how much I bought it for. But I still believe it was worth it, for both parties. Although I think it is going to grow bigger than I ever could have built it. Soon after I sold it a convetion in NY called AdTech was held, and an employee I was paying for the transfer/sale of EM went. He made so many connections, they are going to soar.

Anyway, I was going to take a nice, long, vacation and go off the map for a good month, but I decided wisely, and instead invested in not one but two new businesses for my company.  I am glad I did, it was the smartest, most business like decision I have made. Most people would just blow the money I made, but I didnt. It actually felt like I never really had the money.

I purchased and acquired a business blogging company and a business lead selling company. I actually wound up going in a little bit of debt over it, but it was worth it. I am more busy than I ever was, which I actually dont mind (I hated sitting here wanting t work but in reality didnt have much to do).

I am still in the somewhat initial phases of the new businesses, but they are bringing income. I am glad I decided to purchase the two I did. They tied into more of what I wnated to do anyway. One was business blogging- a  blogging company to which we blog for big companies that want to promote their business or product, but don’t have the time but know blogging is good for them. The other is providing leads for businesses and individuals that are looking for new clients/leads. The blogging ties into my previous content writing site, www.ghostwritercontent.com and I will actually combine them someday.

I like providing services, I feel more connected with other businesses and more accomplished.

So this is where I am at today. I paid off a good portion of my debts too, student, etc. I am well on my way. I got some okay business cards for now, but they were basically fre, I am getting professionally done cards as we speak. Perhaps more on that in another post.

Enjoy and God speed with whatever you do.

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