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Train Explosion Turns Out Bad Case of Whisper Down the Lane

So there was quick ‘news’ and twitter statuses that a train exploded in North Philadelphia. Yet NO news was to be found about it (sounds like there is a North-philly sucks joke in there somewhere). Turns out it was just a bookbag caught fire and there was a lot of smoke. No flaming trains. Whisper down the lane never worked as children, it still does not work.


Don’t Forget Your 1099’s!

Just a reminder for you business owners or anyone with contractors, today (January 31st) is the deadline to send out the 1099’s for your freelancers!

Use TurboTax to do it the quickest, and save their info for next year (if needed). I don’t like that I have to pay $75 each year for the exact same software, but it makes the job easier I suppose.

Use links to Spy On Competition

By now you probably know what a link is. They are a URL shortener and are used mostly on Twitter. What a lot of people do not know is that you can track stats of links. The best part is, you do NOT even need to own the link.

All you have to do is add a + at the end of the url to find out stats. gives you a whole bunch of different stats to use at your disposal. So how can this benefit you? Let’s take a look:

Use links for “reverse URL lookup”

adding the + at the end of the link will help you figure out what the link is before you click it. This is helpful if you are worried the link is a virus. I just used this technique last night. I got an email with a link, figured it was spam mail and wanted to know what the link was. The link was so I changed the link to and it shows the actual URL. you can then GOogle search that link, although it did not show up as anything. (It was spam).

Use competitors links to track their campaigns.

If you track any competitors you know the importance of statistics. Most companies or individual internet marketers have a Twitter account now, and therefor usually use links. You can take their links and add the + at the end and track that campaign, and see how effective that marketing was. You can see how many clicks they got, what the referrers were, and if anybody has retweeted or shared that link.

Very useful!

Workin Hard

Workin on my main company site. I really actually wont be using it much for daily use, just to have something there professional. so its a small site.
Its getting there:

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