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Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

I went to a discount book store yesterday in my area. It formally was a Forman Mills (For-mon Mills!) That jingle always gets stuck in my head. Anyway, it turned into a bulk book store. I will have to say I was less than thrilled going in there, epecting a huge store. There was not a big selection. it could have been that they ‘lost their lease’ (how does that happen?) and so they were not getting any new books. Everything was at least 80% off.

Their business selection was small, but they did have one good book that I have. Then I came across the “Complete Idiot’s Guide” section. I usually hate these form of books, but two caught my eye, but I picked up one: “Social Media Marketing.” SInce that is my next venture I figured it could be a good read. Although even my friends joked “You probably could write that,” I bought it anyway mostly for the fact this $19.95 book as $3.15. I could not complain. So I will be reading this lately. I will make an updated post(s) on whether it is a good read. I picked it up though, so right there I at least recommend it for even new comers. I don’t buy too many books, so if I do it usually means to me it has some value. – Countering Spam But Affecting Marketers

I just wanted to make a post about a great site I use all the time, By no means is this site new, and I am not saying it is. It is just a great tool to use to avoid spam. Basically, if you need to input your email address somewhere but you don’t really want to give out your true email, you make one up and you can instantly access the mail. Such as No password needed. You just go to the site and put in what you entered, such as “spam” in the box saying “check your inbox” and there it is.

Only thing is anyone else can use it too so do not put valuable information in there such as social security or any passwords you actually use. It is a great tool, but a lot of services automatically block it now. Some software such as some auto-responders auto block anything from an email, so you wont be able to use it.

So what are the repercussions of a service like this? Nothing, for you, but for merchants and people that rely on collecting your email, such as internet marketers, it can actually hurt their business. Internet marketers sometimes make visitors enter their email addresses before being able to access something good like an ebook, or a video. That way, they can market to you in the backend, by emailing you. This is how they usually stay in business (and thus can continue to give away free ebooks!).

This is very common now, whether or not using that site or just using a spam filled email account, users are on to marketers trying to get their info; especially new marketers. If they don’t know them, why trust them? As for seasoned marketers, such as Eben Pagen, people know and perhaps trust his products, so they are more likely to put in their real information.

But in any case, one starts to wonder if it has gotten to that point where asking for an email for a free product and being joyful for having thousands of new ‘subscribers’ may be useless now, as most people just put in a fake or spam filled email. That they never read. Where is the value in that? What are your takes on this? Do you think most people put fake emails in now? – Keep An Eye On This Site

Okay, all I can say really is, “wow.” This site is too much. I recently discovered this site, It claims to be able to find people and information on those people. You can start a free search, but the ‘good’ results cost money to retrieve. Luckily, it does give you some info for free. Doing a simple search for me and my state, I found me, and my last address. It also listed my family, which was correct. Age would have been a few years off, and perhaps house value (but not sure). It was correct in stating I am, in fact, a male.

I did a few other searches and it is cool, but the scary part comes when you click the ‘friends’ tab on the site. It can connect to your emails (like how facebook does to find friends) and shows profiles, pages and even pictures you may have never seen before. It showed photo’s of one of my friends that I’ve never seen before. It was cool, yet scary at the same time.

So what is useful about this site and its information? Well on the good side, you can use this site to keep an eye on what information about you is out there on the internet. I was able to realize my main email address is not circling around and neither is my cell phone. But then again, who knows how outdated the information on the site is. It still showed my last address which I moved out of 4 months ago. It also can be a cool tool to find your friends profiles and pictures.

On the other end, it could be used by other people to stalk you, and try to get as much information about you as possible. As I said, you can get their age, address, number, even whether or not they are single. They could find incriminating photos and misuse them. Employers could also use this site to research about you. People can use this information to check up on someone before a date. THere are many uses.

Also, all of this knowledge is based off of the free information given on the site. The information released to you after you purchace could be a lot more. They show that they could find hobbies, age, income, house value, email address, photos, videos, social networks, etc.

So be careful, and notice what information is out there on the internet about you. The internet is NOT as private as you may think.

Groundhog Saw No Shadow

On groundhog’s day, the groundhog saw no shadow today. That means this horrible winter will end early. I mean it’s true right? The groundhog has the ability to speed up and/or change the rotation of the earth, therefore making spring come 6 weeks earlier.

Makes sense!

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