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It’s 3am and I’d rather Tweet Than Sleep

Okay, the title is a little misleading. I would not rather be Tweeting, but ‘Tweets’ are more hip, and more web 2.0 than what I am actually doing (blogging).

Basically I am busy all the time, but I love it. I don’t feel like a waste. My two businesses are going fairly well. I am learning new stuff every day. It also made me realize I dont really  need to spend a huge amount of money to buy out a company that I can duplicate and recreate within a few months. I guess it is how quickly you want to make income.

Today was a very busy day. I am still going through applications and looking for new workers. I do have an assistant, but this I want to take care of. I know, I could hire someone new, but I am fine doing this. I worked basically all day, and still have stuff I need to take care of for tomorrow left over. Word of note: Whiteboards are great.

In the last post I mentioned getting business cards done. I am still doing that haha. There was a huge misunderstanding. Right now I am basically put off by the thought of them. But there are no refunds, so I will have to go back to them eventually. I didnt realize I was paying $400+ just for a LOGO design, which is absolutely absurd. I can get the same logo for $30. Then the business card design was $200. So I am up to 600, and that DOESNT even include printing. That will be another $200 or so. As you can see,, completely pointless. I am usually not one to just throw money away. I dont understand how I managed to say ‘sure’ to that. But what is done is done. I wont mention their name, as they arnt really a bad company, just way too over priced.

I think that is long enough for today. I’ll finish up a post sometime this week instead of dragging this one one.

Busy Man

It has been awhile again. But this time I am extremely busy! Basically the last time I was here I mentioned moving on to bigger and better things. To sum up, I sold my advertising agency and did indeed, move onto bigger things. Continue reading “Busy Man” »

Advertising Agency – Then and Now

Okay, its been awhile since I posted anything.  The area that got me where I am today, and made me able to quit my job was my Advertising Agency, Empyre Media. Continue reading “Advertising Agency – Then and Now” »

Do NOT Trust Money Infomercials / Commercials

A big thing I wanted to talk about was those late night infomercials or those commercials you see on television. They promise you quick riches, ridiculous amounts of money, and are filled with images of hot girls and fancy cars. Don’t forget the mansions.

Here’s the real scoop. Continue reading “Do NOT Trust Money Infomercials / Commercials” »

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