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Blog Posts – Now Active is now the active domain and URL. All posts will link to now instead of the subdomain. – DO NOT use

I am writing this now because I am trying to keep my blog actually updated now. But this was an old experience.

Last November I placed an order for a toll free number because they state they are the fastest. This part is true, they got my number pretty fast.

The problem was that they lied when they said they will transfer it out anywhere. Continue reading “ – DO NOT use” »

Removing a Page or Outdated Info From Google Cache

In internet marketing, if you sell a lot, you are bound to have at least 1 unhappy customer. Worse, you are bound to have 1 really unhappy and spiteful customer. These guys will post all over the web saying how you suck.

With any luck, you can go to that guy, explain the situation, try to reason, and have that info taken down. So now the info or the entire page is down, but Google is still bashing your name, because of search results and old cache data. Now what? Continue reading “Removing a Page or Outdated Info From Google Cache” » coming soon! Just waiting for it to transfer.

Can’t believe I actually won how much more perfect can it be!

Expect by monday.

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